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Amazing Results in just 28 days!

Join the 28 Day Shortcut To Fat Loss and be a part of the movement in Dubai that is helping hundreds of people like you achieve amazing progress in just 4 weeks.


Brendan Rawlings

Head Trainer

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Why do most fitness and diet plans fail?

"Because they aren't sustainable in normal working or family environments"

We've lived in Dubai and know how things work. We help you plan meals that are not only easy to make but that you'll love eating. We also point you in the right direction of Dubai's healthiest takeaways so that you never get stuck again.

This is why the 28 day plan works so well

If you love your food then the word 'diet' already strikes fear into the depths of you and this is why so many of us fail on diet and nutrition programs. The 28 Day Program actually lets you EAT NORMAL FOOD! We use the easiest and most sustainable methods to make sure you are having the right foods in the right portions without feeling deprived and hard done by. Our 'Palm Principle' uses our own bodies built in measurement mechanism to ensure you reach and exceed all of your fat loss goals

palm principle-b2b fitness

What do you get?

Nutrition 101 the ultimate guide to food including delicious recipes just for you!

Success journal with a workout calendar, spaces for your measurements and more.

You get free food diaries right in your mail every week.

Plus 3 free bonus items

We provide you with a ready made shopping list provided by our partner Kibsons. So all you need to do is click the button and your healthy, fresh, delicious fruit and veg is delivered to your door! These foods are specifically chosen to increase your immune system and speed up the fat burning process.

28 Day Shortcut 2 Fat Loss wristband so that we know who is in the fast track to fat loss group and who we need to give extra attention to during your workouts. It's a great moment to remind you of your awesome journey too


We are so committed to your ongoing success that we offer a 50% OFF 'Transform Circuit' Bootcamp card so that you can continue the journey with us straight off the back of the program. We know how revved up and motivated the attendees are after the program finishes, so here's our gift to you.

Take it from someone who knows how to get the results

Brendan Rawlings, the head trainer used the same methodology behind his extraordinary 16kg loss and put it into the 28 Day Shortcut 2 Fat Loss Program so that YOU can benefit from it as well

We even tested out on our very own Sorrell after her second pregnancy and just look at the difference. 8kg's of baby weight lost and still going...Go Sozzy!

​"I'm a Personal Trainer, working mum of two under 2 and I live in Dubai with no nanny. With that in mind I don't have time for complicated meal plans or 2 hour gym sessions, in fact it’s hard enough to fit any of it in. Many of my clients are in a similar position, whether they are mums or guys working a 12 hour day. That's one of the reasons that we created the 28 day shortcut to fat loss program. It's simple, fast, and guarantees results. We’ve never had anyone fail on this program, all you have to do is start.”

30 day full money back guarantee

We offer you a 30 day full money back guarantee if you don't get the results on this program.

b2b fitness guarantee
weightloss-b2b fitness dubai
weightloss-b2b fitness dubai
weightloss-b2b fitness dubai

Let us use your before & after pictures and get free Tshirts!

Unlimited - 24hr Support

Brendan and Sorrell offer the bulk of the support online but, Mark, Nell and Charlotte are just a Whatsapp message away on our private Whatsapp group whether it's pictures of food items, the masterpiece you created for dinner or a kick up the backside when you're having a wobble, we are here for you at any time!


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